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For the year beginning January 1, 2018 Tanlgewood's dues will increase 3% from $124.92 to $128.67.

Welcome to Tanglewood

On behalf of the Tanglewood Homeowner's Association Board of Directors
we would like to welcome you to our community.

We like to think of our little neighborhood as an 'overgrown cul-de-sac'! 


Tanglewood Estates Homes Association is a beautiful subdivision ,was founded in 1973, and is located at 6601 Halsey St in Shawnee Mission. Governed by a homes association, a Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Association. Our quiet location is just minutes away from shopping centers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, retail shopping, Hidden Woods Park and major interstates and places of worship,It is our intent as the duly elected Board of Directors to serve all Homeowners in Tanglewood by intervening on their behalf to enhance the livability, property values and security of our community. This website was created for residents in order to provide you with more convenience and opportunities to share ideas and information; get news and announcements; access an online resource center for important association documents and forms; and much more.
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New To Shawnee
New to our area, click this link to findout local and emergency numbers. General Info
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Together we can keep Tanglewood a home we can all be proud of!
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